To choose Fruitsland means to choose a high quality product, internationally guaranteed and certified in all phases, from the qualification of the suppliers, to the production and processing cycle of the entire supply chain until the deliveries to the customers, with the utmost attention to quality control of the product.


Quality without compromises for a responsive and efficient production

Fruitsland has heavily invested in production to solve the risk of fragmentation in order to control the quality of our produce without compromise and so that we have absolute and timely traceability of all our grapes. These two pluses, together with a wide range of packaging solutions, has enhanced the performance and responsiveness of our company to the needs of our customers.


Technique, perseverance and passion. every berry represents our world.

We love our land, so we improve the biological fertility of the soil, by checking the whole vegetative period to enhance the taste and characterisitcs of our grapes. Fruitsland technicians constantly follow every phase of the productive cycle, in order to ensure the total traceability of our precious fruits. The great clusters are hand-picked and after a careful monitoring of ripening and sensorial analysis, the grapes are brought to the factory and packed immediately to guarantee the freshness of every berry. Nowadays, Fruitsland has the possibility to process orders in less than 24 hours.