Since 1972 the history of the Di Palma's has been synonymous with good agricultural practice and we have an established presence on international markets. From this awareness Fruitsland has been founded; a growing reality that over the years has signed licensing agreements with the most important grape breeders in the world, such as SNFL and IFG that allow us to produce patented varieties, all grown in Puglia on more than 300 hectares of land.


Between past, present and future, a great new adventure.

Fruitsland is a second generation project that combines the long history and good practices of the well-known Di Palma family and a young and solid vision carried out by Angelo and Donato, the sons of Saverio Di Palma.


The harvest has come,
let's celebrate

The collection of our precious fruits has always been the most exciting and delicate moment. From year to year, the traditional methods are renewed with unchanged passion. The clusters are hand-picked and brought to the factory, where they are sorted and packed immediately to guarantee the freshness of every berry.


Innovation and technology at the service of good agriculture, everyday

Our aim is to protect the environment, the biodiversity of the area and to save water. Our weather station together with a self-compensating dripline irrigation system and the soil moisture control probes allow a better optimization of water consumption and let us decide if and when to perform anti-parasitic treatments to increase efficiency and respect the environment.